THE QUESTION IS: Why are you hiring a Professional Landscape Architect?

Paul Pic 9-1-2016There are two possible reasons for your seeking to employ a Professional Landscape Architect.

The first reason is based on your experience and knowledge. Prior experience and education have led you to personally understand that the professional in any field who is also experienced is a very good choice. If you contract with a nursery, swimming pool, deck, fence, and any other type of specialized construction company, you know you are being charged for the time it takes to put your ideas to work. The professional can take these design dollars and assist you in asking the questions you need, before you contract.

These companies can be very good at what they do, but prior experience has made it clear that they have been given the task of solving a problem from the “part”. They are not reviewing the “whole” with you.

The second reason is based on what may not be foreseen. The Professional Landscape Architect is like a General Practitioner. He or she has been educated in the fields of Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Horticulture. In understanding the site and the tasks each contractor has been given, the professional can best serve you by coordinating the Program Elements through words and graphics. This can be done in a simple form or with greater details. Design is a living process. The Landscape Architect can help you toward achieving your present and future desires.

I have over thirty-five years of hands-on experience. I believe that if you have similar thoughts in mind, you have placed value on professionalism. I am looking forward to designing for you.